i identify as an ally spirit.

Generate a Tumblr Social Justice Warrior Blog.

Is it punching down to think this is hilarious? I have read these blogs.

The animated gif retort is the best part. I try not to be a linguistic prescriptivist – kids are going to communicate in their own way, and the amount of irritation that the older generation feels is of no consequence to language. But the animated gif, used by itself and constantly, cannot be good for young minds. I am certain that I, as a teenager, would have loved the option of expressing my boundless contempt for the world in sneering gifs of my favorite cartoon characters. In fact I would have done nothing else. I would have therefore have learned to do nothing else. This constant Darmok-and-Jalad-at-Tanagra* business cannot be good for The Children.


* Itself an old-person reference by now.