Cosmos 2014: Deeper, Deeper, Deeper Still

So I lost my internet connection for a day or two after Cosmos aired, but that’s not really the reason it took me so long to blog about it.  The reason is that it gets progressively harder to write about the series as it gets better, and this past week’s episode was, I believe, the best yet.

By what do I define this?  By the sense of wonder it evoked in me and that it must, correspondingly, have evoked in some child viewer.  It was Cosmos that originally taught me about the weak nuclear force, that allowed me to begin to understand the infinity of smallness within us.  The quarreling paramecium, the internal machinery of photosynthesis – this is instinctively weirder, I believe, than new ideas one collects about the stars and space, which are at least visible and visibly vast.