Information imparted to me by a young woman on a train to Providence in 2006, and written down as fast as it came

I just was visiting my man.  I have an eight-month-old daughter at home.  I have four kids.  I’m 21. 

My six-year-old is a model.  She’s a pageant winner.  She’s out in Texas with her grandmother at a model competition.  She won all the ones in her age group already.  I’m worried about her out there, where that JonBenet Ramsey case was.  All those JonBenets.

My sister paid three hundred dollars for this purse.

I weigh 153.  It’s all muscle!

Yeah.  My man treats me right.  He bought my six-year-old diamond earrings for her pageant.  He said to her, don’t wear those anywhere else.  He must have spent two hundred thousand dollars on just those earrings for her.  I’m wearing seven or eight thousand dollars’ worth of jewelry right now.  My man has him a eighteen-thousand-dollar necklace with a big Jesus hanging right here, and it’s all diamonds because it’s Jesus, and the Jesus cost ten thousand dollars and the chain cost eight thousand dollars.

Yeah, you see this scar?  That’s from a broken bottle.  My mom hit me with a broken bottle.  I had a tough childhood.  I was raped, beaten, molested — even my mother molested me.