The Amarna Period: Why the hiatus?

I ran out of books and works that seemed, for lack of a better word, fair to criticize.  There is no shortage of Amarna Period novels published on Amazon and/or Smashwords.  There is also a good deal of . . . well, of this kind of a thing.  But there is so little that is critically valuable to say about such things.  The word “sucks” is not, I am afraid, critically valuable in all matters.  People love a good hatchet-job, of course, but hatchet-jobs are only required when there is some kind of need to punch upward — to debunk nonsense before it gets very far. 

I am looking for more books and works to review as part of the fictional historiography of the Amarna Period.  I am particularly interested in the Broadway musical Nefertiti, which died quickly and was briefly resurrected about ten years ago, but I can’t get ahold of a good cast recording.  But until I find something worth mentioning, I must keep my lips closed.