My review for KBR of New Sun Rising: Ten Stories by Lindsay Edmunds

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Lindsay Edmunds has created a compelling near-future world in the town of Stillwater, a commune-like town where everyone lives quietly in the houses that are standing and never build more. It’s a good place for aging hippies, but Kedzie Greer, a girl who was abandoned as an infant and raised by two Wiccan women, wants more out of life. She gets a job in a human warehouse and tries to use streaming video reports of the cruelty there to blow open the terrible injustices.

Although Edmunds did not want this to be “another ‘teenager with special powers saves the world’ story,” it is unfortunately just that when the stories are centered on Kedzie Greer, a girl with strange exotic beauty who inexplicably commands the attention and even the daydreams of everyone around her. Nonetheless, she is allowed to be irritating and lovesick, not a perfect soul, and the characters around her are well-drawn. This book is a good read with strong potential for other works in the same setting.