Cosmos 2014: Unafraid of the Dark

I have fallen down on reviewing every episode of Cosmos, as I said I would.  This is not only because, by and large, I was impressed by them, but because I realized that they were not made for me.  They were made for a different audience than Carl Sagan faced in the 1980s – a people simultaneously more aware and more besieged by lies and superstition than ever before.  There was no need to analyze anew my reaction to this every week.  I felt a wistful fondness for what Sagan had been able to do, blended with a respect for what Tyson had to do, and managed to do, with the power of such unlikely money behind him.  

It came to an end with an excerpt of Sagan’s own voice, of his words on what he called the “pale blue dot,” Earth from afar.