My KBR Review of From Hell With Love (The Forsaken Comedy Book 1) by Kevin Kauffmann

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Niccolo, the Horseman of Pestilence, was once himself a human, but now finds himself in Hell, scrambling to protect Lucifer himself from an assassination attempt sure to bring on the Apocalypse.
The book‘s saving grace is in Niccolo himself as a character, in how he suffered in his life in Renaissance-era Florence. The chapters flashing back to his fall from grace as a merchant prince, due entirely to accident, are what give the book its – well – its humanity. The many ultra-violent demon battles and bickering between fallen hideous creatures are all very well, but without Niccolo and his relationship with Cadmus, another deceased warrior, this book would lack the strength to stand. But it does, and there is a hel – I mean quite a cliffhanger in store. The ending promises a fascinating sequel.